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One Response to “Ever feel like you’re climbing up hill against a headwind?”

  1. I find that when I’m faced with a head wind, all I need to do is remember to ask Him for help. Mark 11:24 says it all I believe.

    Don’t get me wrong, I tend to try to attempt to handle it myself. NOT a good idea! lol I wear myself out when I do that.
    There are all kinds of “Head winds” in life.
    Health, marriage, parenting, bosses, jobs in general, friendships just to name a few.
    My personal head wind that I tend to fight against and at times forget to ask for help is my health. I’ve neck, shoulder and back issues. I’m in pain and have been for several years. Why do I tell you this? Why to encourage us to pray for each other. I know I need all the help I can get! (^_^)
    But in every day life I find my self, at times, in the shackles of the deceiver.
    It’s a form of slavery. I work though the pain and ignore it. I’ve actually been pretty good at ignoring it. Problem is I can no longer ignore it. Now I MU ST begin physical therapy at home. THAT is another head wind for me. VERY hard to stay motivated.
    The shackles came in the form of believing I could do nothing about this.
    Mark 11:24 dang talk about freedom! Am I still in pain? HECK yea!
    But am I under his (deceiver) thumb? NO! I’m free and the feeling of freedom I find in His words are beyond any feeling I’ve ever had.

    Have you ever felt that freedom…. dare I say, JOY?

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